2016 Commisioned to write a suite for West German Radio Choir built on three poems by Christina Rosetti.
Commisioned to compose a suite in four parts for organsolo, the title of the suite: Dalecarlian Reflections (Reflexer i dalaton).
Performance of Requiem in Luxemburg
Four performances of A Christmas Cantata in Luxemburg
In connection with the Shakespeare jubilee in England Nils Lindberg´s composition Shall I compare Thee to a Summer`s Day was performed on several concertos.
2015 Six performances of A Christmas Cantata in USA (Minneapolis, St.Paul).
Also performances of the Cantata in Norway and Sweden.
The choir version of As You Are was performed at the Nobel banquet in the Stockholm Town Hall December 10.
The suite Dalabilder (Dalecarlian Pictures) for organ solo and symphony orchestra was performed at the World Championship for skiing in Falun February 21.
2014 Performances of his music in San Francisco and Pittsburgh, USA.
Performances of Requiem in Germany.
Three performances of A Christmas Cantata in Sweden (Ronneby, Karlskrona, Karlshamn) and in Leuven, Belgium. First British performance of A Christmas Cantata in Bradford on Avon.
The suite Dalabilder for organ solo and symphony orchestra was performed on the Music at Siljan festival.
The suite Three German Folksongs for saxophone ensemble and choir was performed for the first time in Heidelberg and Stuttgart.
2013 Commissioned to write a suite for The San Francisco International Music Festival. The title of the work: Mirrors for two pianos. World premiere August 7-10 2014 at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.
Commissioned to write a suite built on three German folk tunes for SWR choir and SWR Big Band in Stuttgart, Germany. First performance in Heidelberg July 2014.
Performances of A Christmas Cantata in Sweden (Ronneby, Västerås) and in Brelingen, Germany.
First performance of Dalabilder, a suite for organ solo and symphony orchestra. The performance was at Piteå Music Festival July 14.
2012 Three performances of A Christmas Cantata in USA (Rio Grande Ohio, Naperville Illinois, Montgomery Texas)
Also performances of the Cantata in Belgium (Leuven) and Sweden (Västerås, Malmö)
Commissioned to write a new composition for the Swedish Radio Choir. The title of the work: Om dagen vid mitt arbete. World premier in St Jakob Church in Stockholm May 18, 2013.
2011 Many performances in Germany of Requiem and A Christmas Cantata. Commissioned to compose a cantata for brass and mixed choir to the 100 years jubilee for Margareta Church in Oslo, Norway.
First performance in Sweden for Three Shakespeare Sonnets for strings and sopranosolo.
Composed music for choir on Tomas Tranströmer poems.
2010 Performances of Requiem in France (Vaucluse) and Germany (Osnabruck)
Performances of A Christmas Cantata in USA (Richland and Pasco)
2009 Performances of Requiem in USA (Boston) and Belgium (Turnhout and Antwerpen)
Canadian premiere of A Christmas Cantata in Toronto
2008 Performances of Requiem in Saarburg, Germany and Luxemburg
CD-release of Dalecarlian Reflections - Mythological Portraits
CD-release of As We Are
2007 World premiere of Dalecarlian Reflections in Falun with Dalasinfoniettan under Bjarte Engeset
2006 Received H. M. the King's medal, Litteris et artibus, for his artistic contributions as a composer and pianist
2005 World premiere of the saxophone concerto, Mytologiska bilder (Mythological Portraits) in Falun with soprano saxophonist Anders Paulsson as soloist
2004 Five performances of Requiem in Germany (Lindau, Kempten, Kaufbeuren, Munich and Frankfurt)
Three performances of A Christmas Cantata in USA (Minneapolis, St. Paul)
2003 Awarded the Lars Gullin Prize
Recorded Swedish Folk Tunes from Dalecarlia
2002 First performance of A Christmas Cantata in the Stockholm Cathedral, also recorded on the label Proprius
2001 Recorded Don't Be Blue with Alice Babs and Nils Lindberg Third Saxes Galore
Performance of Requiem in Copenhagen
2000 Tour with Alice Babs
Recorded Nils Lindberg Third Saxes Galore
Concert in Thomas Church, Leipzig as organist together with singer Karin Krog
Performance as a pianist with Requiem in Copenhagen
1999 Tour with Alice Babs and the Uppsala Cathedral Choir
Recorded A Church Blues for Alice
1998 Performance of Requiem in Omaha, USA, with the US Air Force Big Band
1997 The opera Runkärlek was performed for the first time in Stockholm
Recorded Songs of Salomon
Tours as pianist with his Requiem to Minneapolis, Luxemburg and Reykjavik
1996 Commissioned to write an opera Runkärlek
Composed Songs of Salomon for mixed choir and jazz combo Recorded Carpe Diem, compositions for choir a cappella including the suite O Mistress Mine
1995 Recorded Alone With My Melodies
First performance of Nils Lindbergs's String Quartet No. 1 (Curbits for Strings)
1994 Recorded Requiem
1993 Nils Lindberg's Requiem was performed for the first time in the St. Clara's Church in Stockholm, a work commissioned by the Swedish Radio
Nils Lindberg New Saxes Galore was recorded
Composed a Mass in Swedish folk style, first performed in the Uppsala Cathedral on 21 August
1992 Recorded 12 compositions for soprano saxophone, strings, piano and bass, featuring Anders Paulsson
1991 Concerto for Trumpet and Trombone was composed and performed
1990 Awarded the Jussi Björling Cultural Prize
Composed Ljus och Mörker (Light and Darkness), a suite for choir built on poems by the Swedish author Harry Martinsson
1989 Commissioned to write music at the Pope's mass on June 9 in the Cathedral of Uppsala
1988 Commissioned to compose a work for symphony orchestra, fiddlers, two choirs and soprano to celebrate the Dalecarlian forest products company STORA's 100th anniversary
Composed the suite O Mistress Mine, built on Elizabethan poems for soprano, tenor, strings, brass and choir, which was also recorded on the label Bluebell
1987 US tour April-May with the Stockholm Big Band (Florida, Georgia, Chicago and Minnesota). Recorded ten songs with the band before embarking
Composed 4 Dalecarlian Sketches for piano
A presentation of Nils Lindberg's life on Swedish Television
Awarded the Hugo Alfvén Prize
1986 Attended the funeral of Prime Minister Olof Palme with own music
US tour April-May in connection with a Sweden Festival; also concerts in Birmingham, Alabama, Atlanta and at the Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter
Composed Progression, for woodwind quintet and jazz group
1985 Recorded Remembrance, own compositions and arrangements of Dalecarlian hymns for soprano, clarinet and organ
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day, compositions for string quintet, clarinet and piano
Also a joint recording venture with Herb Geller: How 'bout it
1984 Toured Sweden with Thad Jones and Swedish/American jazz group and recorded Svarta Motiv
Recorded Pay Some Attention To Me, arrangements on compositions by George Gershwin for jazz group and vocals
Composed A Dalecarlian Cantata and wrote music for the concert presentation of Fritiof's Saga for soprano solo, chamber orchestra and choir
Awarded the Cultural Prize of Dalecarlia
1983 Big Band Galore was the logical conclusion of the galore series
Also a record with the Stockholm Big Band
1982 Lapponian Suite recorded with the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
1981 Records: Brass Galore and Jazz in Studio Nine
1980 Recorded With Malice Toward None with Karin Krog in Gagnef's church, tour with Karin Krog in Norwegian churches
Tour with the American saxophone player Herb Geller and the Saxes Galore musicians (in Sweden and Warsaw, Poland)
A record with religious Dalecarlian songs was released
1979 Saxes Galore recorded
Saxes Galore received the Golden Record Award by the magazine OrkesterJournalen as best Swedish jazz album that year
1978 Concerto Grosso in Dalecarlian form and Walking Tune for fiddlers and symphony orchestra performed by the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
1977 For Trumpet and Orchestra commissioned by Norrköping Symphony Orchestra was performed in Norrköping and Hanover
Recorded songs from Malung with the Swedish opera singer Busk Margit Jonsson
1976 Three recordings: Glädjen, a live show at Berns, Stockholm, and Far Away Star, both with Alice Babs, and also As You Are with the Norwegian vocalist Karin Krog
1975 Two recordings with Alice Babs: Songs by Alice Tegnér (with the Fresk Quartet) and Reflections
A tour of lectures and concerts in USA
1974 Two recordings with Alice Babs: Om sommaren sköna (Swedish folk songs) and Serenading Duke Ellington
Tours with Alice Babs in Spain and Brazil
1973 Music With a Jazz Flavour with Alice Babs and the Fresk String Quartet.
Some of the works from this album was performed by Duke Ellington and Alice Babs at the Newport Festival.
Duke Ellington recorded Lindberg's composition Far Away Star (with lyrics by Signe Hasso).
Lindberg performed as pianist with the Duke Ellington Band during its Scandinavian tour
1972 Composed and recorded the musical Noaks Ark (Noah's Arch), later also televised with Alice Babs
Arranged and composed music for the album 7 Dalecarlian Paintings for symphony orchestra, jazz group, string quartet and fiddlers
1971 Composed Lapponian Suite, commissioned by Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, first performed by Hanover Symphony Orchestra and the following year by the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
1970 The Jan Allan -70 album was awarded the Swedish Gramophone Prize and also the Golden Record Award from the magazine OrkesterJournalen
Recorded one side of a record in the series Club Jazz
1969 Worked with Judy Garland during her Scandinavian tour
Composed the music for the TV serial "Två män saknas" (Two men are missing). Some music became in time the Lapponian Suite.
1968 Arranged and composed music for the record Jan Allan-70
1966 Began composing and arranging for Nord Deutscher Rundfunk, using the Symphony Orchestra of Hanover and the Radio Big Band of Hamburg
1964 Wrote the music for a Swedish television serial called "Farlig kurs" (Dangerous Course)
1963 Received a commission from the Eurovision Organisation to compose Concerto 63, a work for symphony orchestra and jazz group. This opened the doors for further commissions in Europe.
1962 EMI recorded Trisection which later was released internationally on the Capitol label
Worked with Mel Tormé during his Swedish tour
1961 Conductor, pianist and arranger at Berns Restaurant, Stockholm. Among the international artists he accompanied was Josephine Baker.
1960 Sax Appeal was recorded and released by Decca. The cover read: Swedish Modern Jazz Group, featuring Lars Gullin. (One of the works, Curbits, was originally written for two guitars and two saxophones.)
Performed at the first Swedish televised jazz programme as pianist, arranger and conductor. The music from Sax Appeal was used for a television ballet choreographed by the American choreographer Walter Nicks.
1959 Sax Appeal was performed in its complete for the first time in Stockholm and was also broadcasted
1957 First professional job as jazz pianist at the famous Nalen dance hall in Stockholm with the American trumpeter Benny Bailey
1956 Attended the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Studied counter point with Åke Uddén and composition with Lars-Erik Larsson and Karl-Birger Blomdahl. Continued there until 1960.
1954 While in Gagnef experimented with a jazz combination using French horn and bassoon. Some of it was broadcasted.
1953 Began writing what was later to become the Sax Appeal album - jazz with a flavour of Dalecarlian folk music.
1952 Studied history of music at Uppsala University, simultaneously leading his own dance band in the city
1951 First broadcast with his jazz quartet
1949 Started his first dance band, playing mainly bop music, and performed in Gagnef
1942 Returned to Uppsala to attend school
1941 Composed a piano sonata, influenced by Dalecarlian folklore. It was corrected by his uncle Oskar Lindberg.
1938 Nils returned to Gagnef with the rest of the family when his father died
1933 The Place of his birth was Uppsala where his father (born and bred in Gagnef, Dalecarlia) was senior lecturer at the University

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